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We are dedicated to creating unique artistic games with keen attention to detail. With cool features that bring the games to life and make you shout:
“YAS!” at the top of your voice
“Aaaaahhhhhhhh – I nearly got it!”, then start a whole conversation with your friends and family, that inspires you to play more and try out new tactics.
We love that every game is its own adventure that brings us closer to new and interesting people from all around the world. We believe in giving amazing value – and treating each player with the upmost respect!
Our Action RPG Games are carved out of sheer passion and dedication to gaming.


Established in 2015, located in Scotland, UK – Squidgeroo Ltd is the (ongoing) product of a life-long passion for video games and fun.

Michael L Watson is the founder, who has always wanted to create video games as long as he can remember. As a child he used to draw pictures on his 9-bit computer colour pallet and ask his brother to animate the pictures and “make them work”. This never amounted to much (helicopter bum is probably best never discussed again) and left a burning desire to bring his ideas to life, utilising his skills in Project management, Programming, Art and Music (what a genius.)

After training as an Environmental Artist at The Glasgow School of Art, alongside his wife and business partner Rowanna Watson. Michael became a professional computer programmer and games developer. For years the main focus was creating games for clients, from facebook games (back in the day) to online and mobile app games. Michael decided to take a leap of faith and start making some games that he had ideas for, rather than just making games for clients – he gathered a team and used his own money to bring his visions to life.

The first vision was “The Plant Game” – this game concept has been in the family for over a decade and has since morphed into Hell Heroes – an action RPG Game that is truly unique. This artistic journey is ongoing with all of our games. We don’t want to churn out games, we want to bring amazing games to life that will thoroughly entertain us all for years to come.

The vision is pretty damn HUGE to say the least, so at the same time as working on the Concept Art for Hell Heroes, the team got on board to make a title that could be released in a shorter space of time. Hence Jurassic Runner was born.

We aim to become THE OFFICIAL Jurassic Runner game!! The 3D Mobile Runner Game is somewhat of an obsession to us, with really intricate features that only a PRO Gamer would discover.

We will be writing more about those features in our Jurassic Runner Game Blogs to keep you guys up to date.

So that’s it for the History – We are extremely excited for what is to come. The team of 10 (and growing) professionals are dedicated to creating the best games ever!! Watch this space.


Media: michael@squidgeroo.com


Squidgeroo Ltd
Caledonian House
164 High Street
Scotland, UK
IV30 1BD


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